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What Is a Digital Wallet and How Does It Work?

A full guide of digital wallets from MoneyCollect —— an international and global payment gateway: what is a digital wallet, how does it work, how to use digital wallets and types of them.

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MoneyCollect meticulously presents the 2024 Full Guide to Digital Wallets — the forefront global payment gateway, enhancing access to over 240 local payments worldwide.

What is a digital wallet

A digital wallet represents the modern iteration of your traditional wallet, enabling electronic purchases or money transfers to individuals and enterprises sans the need for physical cards or cash. The technological landscape of digital payments is on a constant trajectory of refinement and innovation, reshaping our financial management and transaction methodologies. With each passing year, digital wallets gain traction as a favored payment modality among consumers and corporations alike, capable of housing not only funds but also gift and membership cards.

Dive into this comprehensive exploration of digital wallets, understanding their operation, and acquainting yourself with the varied digital wallet types available for use.

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How digital wallets work

Digital wallets facilitate payment transactions using a variety of technologies:

  • Near Field Communication (NFC): This technology enables the exchange of information between two devices when they are in close proximity. Notably, Apple Pay and Google Pay utilize NFC. To transact using these digital wallets, the point-of-sale system must be equipped with NFC-compatible card readers.

  • Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST): Similar to swiping a credit card's magnetic stripe, MST emits a magnetic signal that interacts with the payment terminal's card reader. Samsung Pay incorporates both MST and NFC technologies for versatile payment options.

  • QR Codes: These digital barcodes can be scanned using your smartphone's camera. For instance, within the PayPal app, you can generate a QR code that allows you to pay for purchases using your account directly in stores.

Apart from the universally compatible digital wallets mentioned, there are "closed" digital wallet systems like the Starbucks app, designed for exclusive use within particular venues or establishments.

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Examples of digital wallets

Numerous digital wallets are accessible, each with its unique features. Highlighted below are some of the most prominent ones, reordered for variety:

  1. Apple Pay

  2. Google Wallet

  3. Samsung Wallet

  4. PayPal

  5. Venmo

  6. Cash App

  7. AliPay

  8. Walmart Pay

  9. Vodafone M-PESA

How to pick a digital wallet

The choice of your digital wallet is often influenced by the smartphone you use. For instance, Apple Pay is not available on Android devices, and similarly, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are tied to their respective brand's smartphones. Thus, the smartphone brand you prefer may naturally steer you towards a corresponding digital wallet. PayPal stands out as a versatile option, available on both iOS and Android platforms through the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively.

Furthermore, the adoption of digital wallets by merchants plays a significant role in their usability. Since not all retailers accept digital wallet payments, it's advisable to have a traditional credit or debit card as an alternative payment method.

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How to use digital wallet

Using a digital wallet streamlines the process of making payments, offering a convenient and secure alternative to traditional cash and card transactions.

Step 1: Choose a digital wallet compatible with your device (e.g., Apple Pay for iPhones, Google Pay for Android).

Step 2: Download the digital wallet app from your device's app store.

Step 3: Follow the app's setup instructions, usually involving linking a credit or debit card.

Step 4: To pay at stores, unlock your phone and either hold it near an NFC-enabled terminal or scan a QR code.

Step 5: Verify if the merchant accepts digital wallet payments before attempting to use it.

Are digital wallets safe

The introduction of new technologies, particularly those handling sensitive financial information, often leads to consumer apprehension. Digital wallets, however, incorporate a security mechanism known as "tokenization," which safeguards your credit or debit card details during transactions.

In practice, rather than transmitting your actual card number to the seller, the digital wallet creates a unique, temporary token composed of random digits for each transaction. This token facilitates the payment process while ensuring your personal data stays protected.

Furthermore, accessing your digital wallet requires additional security measures, such as a PIN or biometric verification (like fingerprint or facial recognition), adding an extra layer of protection.

Nonetheless, vigilance is advisable. Always monitor your phone closely and shield your screen when typing your passcode in public spaces.

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