Accept payments through your preferred platforms

MoneyCollect has built strong partnerships with dozens of the most popular e-commerce platforms to offer a superior payment experience. Jumpstart your integration quickly and easily, with a variety of plugins and packages.

Grow revenue with various plugins and all-in-one payments platform

One platform,
multiple payment options

Connect to a single platform for global payment coverage. Add the most popular platforms easily and supercharge your online business to reach more customers. Simplify PCI compliance and stay up-to-date using our flexible integration options.

Maximize conversion,
increase revenue

Whether you want to grow internationally or focus on a specific market, MoneyCollect can help. Perfect your checkout page with a simple, intuitive and customer-friendly design to reduce cart abandonment and significantly improve the conversion rate for e-commerce businesses.

Go live quickly

Simply drop one of our payment modules or plugins into your hosted web shop or build yourself a customised solution with our packages. Plugins are continuously updated so you can enjoy all our latest features.

Our plugins have you covered, fully supporting your e-commerce journey.

On your web shop

On your mobile app

Accept local preferred payment options

Your consumers shop globally and pay locally!

Plugins for all major e-commerce platforms

Download and configure your plugin

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