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MoneyCollect offers solutions covering brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and UnionPay. All services come with transparent charges and time-efficient integration.

MoneyCollect Local Payment Methods

Checkout solutions that increase your conversion rate and revenue.

Hosted payments page

Our ready-to-use hosted payments page has built-in features designed to boost conversion and dynamically display local checkout experiences tailored to each customer's location, language and local currency.

Customise your checkout colours with your brand logo to match the look of your site and make the transition to checkout seamless.

In-page checkout

Generate a flexible, elegant and intelligent checkout process without page redirections to avoid cart abandonments and improve conversion.

You can also design your own payments form on your site using MoneyCollect prebuilt UI components.

Waterproof Smartwatch A5



GPS Smartwatch T3



GPS Smartwatch T2



Waterproof Smartwatch A6


Total $622.00
Secure Payment
select payment card
  • Visa ···· 1212
  • Mastercard ···· 1234
  • Amex ···· 5656
  • Add a new card
Pay Now
4111 1111 1111 1111
Save this card for your future use
Add a card
Total HK$418.00

Optimised for any device

Provide an optimal and seamless experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop with a responsive checkout.

Also,you can integrate our mobile payment SDKs to your iOS and android apps and make payments safely and quickly.

More integrated features

3rd party integration

Add credit card payments to any website using our customisable modules and plug-ins, seamlessly integrated with the most popular shop providers.


Use MoneyCollect to create and send your own invoices to collect payments.


MoneyCollect subscriptions make it easy for businesses to set up and manage recurring payments. Optimise your customer lifecycle from one-time guests to lifetime customers.

Grow your revenue by keeping fraud rates low and optimising payment flows. Grow your revenue

Fraud prevention

MoneyCollect's powerful risk management tools can help you distinguish fraudsters from customers. 3D Secure prevents fraud and reduces the risk of disputes.

Maximise acceptance

MoneyCollect transactions are routed smartly based on location, IP address, amount and other data points to improve acceptance rate and reduce friction.

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