Recurring Payment

Automate Your Payments: Enjoy Smooth Transactions with Recurring Payment

Recurring payments can be used to make payments in transactions where a regular or ongoing payment is required.

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What is the recurring payment?

Recurring payment is a payment method where a customer agrees to pay a fixed amount at regular intervals (such as weekly, monthly, or annually) for a specific product or service. This payment method is commonly used for subscription-based services, where customers pay a fixed fee on a regular basis to continue accessing the service.

Recurring payment can provide several benefits

With recurring payments, it can provide several benefits in transactions, such as:

Subscription Payments: With recurring payments, merchants can process subscription payments automatically, without requiring shoppers to manually enter payment details each time.

Automatic Top-ups: Recurring payments also allow for automatic top-ups to shopper accounts, providing a seamless and convenient experience for shoppers.

Faster Checkout: By saving payment details, shoppers can enjoy a faster checkout experience, as they don't need to enter payment information every time they make a purchase.

Recurring payment process


Recurring payments, also known as automatic payments or subscriptions, are a convenient way for businesses to collect regular payments from customers for products or services. The process typically involves the following steps:

Customer enrollment: The customer agrees to enroll in a recurring payment plan and provides their payment information, such as a credit card or bank account number.

Authorization: The customer authorizes the business to charge their payment method on a regular basis, typically monthly or annually.

Payment processing: The business uses a payment processing system to charge the customer's payment method on the scheduled date.

Receipt: The business sends a receipt to the customer for each payment made.

Customer support: The business provides customer support to address any issues or concerns with the recurring payment plan.

Recurring payments offer a convenient and hassle-free payment option for customers

Recurring payments allow customers to save their payment information and authorize automatic payments at regular intervals, avoiding late fees and service disruptions. This option is useful for regular payments like utility bills or loan repayments and can continue until the customer cancels or the term expires.

Recurring payments offer a convenient and hassle-free payment option for customers, while providing a reliable and predictable revenue stream for MoneyCollect offering subscription-based services.