Pick the right integration for your business

MoneyCollect provides flexible integration options that simplify PCI compliance without compromising on the checkout experience.

Payment Methods
First Name John
Last Name Doe
Card Number 4111 1111 1111 1111
MM/YY 02/27
CVC 234
Save this card for future purchases
Kakao Pay
You'll be redirected to Alipay to complete your payment
One contract

Access all major payment methods with a single contract.

One integration

A single integration to accept all major payment methods.

Multiple acquirers

Added reliability through multiple acquiring banks.

Completely secure

From PCI-DSS to PSD2, all your safety needs are taken care of.

Hosted payments page

Our ready-to-use hosted payments page has built-in features designed to boost conversion and dynamically display local checkout experiences tailored to each customer’s location, language and local currency.

The checkout page design can be customised to match your website’s look and feel, and the integration requires no coding at all.

In-page checkout

A flexible, elegant and intelligent checkout process lets your customers enjoy a first-class payment experience.

Customers can complete the entire payment process without any page redirection toavoid payment failures and improve conversion.

  • High success rate for payments
  • Simplified PCI Compliance requirements
  • Keep full control of your checkout page UI by embedding our JavaScript SDK
  • Automatic card type identification
  • Support different payment scenarios—One-time payments/Returning customers

Waterproof Smartwatch A5



GPS Smartwatch T3



GPS Smartwatch T2



Waterproof Smartwatch A6


Total $622.00
Secure Payment
select payment card
  • Visa ···· 1212
  • Mastercard ···· 1234
  • Amex ···· 5656
  • Add a new card
Pay Now
Add a card
4111 1111 1111 1111
Save this card for your future use
Add a card
Total HK$418.00

Mobile app integration

Integrate MoneyCollect into your merchant app using our mobile payment SDKs, allowing customers to safely and quickly complete checkouts and payments in-app.

  • Encrypted data transmission over secure connections
  • No payment page redirection
  • Seamless and smooth User Experience
  • Simplified PCI Compliance requirements
  • Support different payment scenarios—One-time payments/Returning customers

More integration methods

Customised API integrations

Create your MoneyCollect account in minutes and start building customised web/mobile API integrations with our advanced developer tools.

Developer friendly API tools and dynamic response

Money Collect provides a mock server with all of our powerful APIs. Get your test key from the MoneyCollect Dashboard and send requests directly from our API documentation - our mock server will validate all your requests and respond with a dynamically generated response.

Comprehensive libraries and abundant code samples

Get started quickly with MoneyCollect's comprehensive libraries, available in most commonly used languages and frameworks.

We provide all client and server codes in the most popular languages needed for common integration scenarios, such as capturing payments with multiple payment methods. Browse through our catalogue and pick the best language for your integration.

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